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Emerging Trends in The Photo Workshop Ecosystem




R O A M and Digital Transitions come together to present a panel of photographers and educators to answer your questions regarding travel workshops.


Rick Sammon – Canon Explorer of Light and nature and wildlife travel specialist

Colby Brown – Alpha Sony Artisan and humanitarian travel specialist

Elizabeth Greenberg – MaineMedia Vice President of Academic Affairs and photographer

This open discussion will cover everything from where to start looking to what you’ll need to pack and address all your concerns in between.

  • How do you pick the right workshop?
  • What can you expect on your trip?
  • What makes a workshop a good fit for you?
  • What makes the good workshops stand out?
  • and more!

Come with your questions because we’re ready to answer them.

R O A M is a company based out of New York City that operates an online marketplace connecting photography educators with photographers and aggregating the best travel photography workshops on the planet. Currently, the platform has over 400 travel photography workshops worldwide.
Learn more about R O A M here: https://roamsearch.com/

Join us for conversation, light refreshments, and photography October 18 from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Digital Transitions NYC . 35 West 35th Street . 2nd Floor . New York City

RSVP: bit.ly/roamsearch