Food Photography Tips from Food Stylist Liza Gershman

This is a great book by a wonderful photographer and author  who has such a special interest in Cuba, it is well worth your read.  Besides recipes to die for, the imagery is equally impressive.  And great tips for all you foodies!


On a professional, commercial or editorial shoot, food stylists prepare food to make it look “real,” or better than real. This requires quite a few food photography tips and tricks. Stylists also help set the scene and tell a story, while the photographer and photo assistant handle the lighting, composition and framing. If you are photographing for a blog, magazine or cookbook, working with a great food stylist isn’t always possible, so here are some helpful food photography tips that will enhance your imagery.


Appearance of ingredients in food photography is so much more important than what you use at home for meals. It’s critical to remember that the high megapixel count and the quality of lenses today show fine details in the scene. Every item must be photo-perfect. A pig in lipstick is still a pig no matter what you do, and a wilted head of lettuce will read sloppy and tired to the camera even more than to the eye.


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