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We’re happy to share the first amazing updates Photolemur gets this March. That means we’ve made a few more big steps towards providing you with the best possible user experience. With some great new features packed in, enhancing photos with Photolemur becomes even more advanced, intuitive and effortless for you.

What’s New

  • Automatic Lens Correction
  • 9 New Languages
  • Photoshop Plugin on Mac
  • Interface Updates
  • Shortcuts to Make Your Work Easier
  • Bug Fixes

Seems like it’s the right moment to give you more details. Let’s take a look at what’s new, so that you can be in the loop.

Updating Interface with Utterly Useful Details

Fun fact: dark colors are more restful for your eyes than white ones, and make it easier to concentrate on the important details on an interface without tiring your eyes.

In updating Photolemur’s interface, we’ve left the background simply black, but we’ve substantially improved the look and design of the details to make your workflow smooth.

The first new thing you’ll see after you open Photolemur is a short text with information about the minimal photo size. So that you’ll always choose the right image to enhance.

Automatic Lens Correction

Whenever your images come out with distortion, you can probably easily identify whether it’s perspective or optical, and even estimate how long it will take to fix this less-than-pleasant effect. But that still takes up your time. You don’t want to waste priceless hours, do you?

Well, rest easy, we have the solution! As with other types of issues, Photolemur automatically analyzes and corrects the shape and contour of the objects in your photo, no matter the type of lens you are using. Common problem, smart solution. A quick overview of how this fresh-from-the-oven update can keep the editing process juiced is here.

Using Shortcuts to Replace a Photo

Photolemur now provides a shortcut for Mac and Windows which allows you to replace a photo straight in a single window that you’re working in. When you’ve already done some magic with your photos, mastering these new shortcuts will make your workflow much more efficient and help you enhance photos as quick as a wink.

Command ⌘ + hold down the left mouse button. This combo works well for Mac users and lets you replace one image with another one without having to restart the program. It’s a real time-saver. By the way, if you haven’t got a mouse or you just don’t like using them, you can do the same, just by gently holding your touchpad on the left while clicking on Command ⌘.

If you are a Windows user, just look at your keyboard and press CTRL while holding down the left mouse button. As you can see, your photo has now been replaced by the other one you chose.

Photoshop Plugin for Mac

The most wished-for update, apart from all the spiffing changes we made, has come true. Say it with us, Photoshop Plugin for Mac! Does this sound great?!

As you may remember, these things were already done for Windows users. Since then, we’ve been busy like a hive of bees to please your needs and save you labour and time.

And we mean “saving time” in the literal sense: since most of you can’t begin to imagine your life without an editing tool like Photoshop, now, being able to use our plugin within these programs will considerably shorten the usual length of your editing process. To paraphrase, do more in less!

Importing More Photos

What looks like just another small, newly added button is actually a wonderful new way to ease your work and save time. From now on, you can open your whole gallery even when you’re already in a single window with one photo open. Clicking on the Import More button will let you open any other photos from your gallery as well.

But that’s not all…

One more button, please:

Exporting From The Main Window

A new simple, useful feature lets you export an already enhanced photo directly from the main menu. Basically, you can select your own way of exporting

So buckle up, and enhance more images!

Photolemur Speaks Your Language

Everyone knows that it takes a lot of building up of trust to get worldwide recognition and make friends all around the globe, and, traditionally, one of the ways to do this is to speak the same language.

So, we’ve just added 9 more languages to Photolemur, to give photographers, creative thinkers, and amateurs the possibility to share enhanced photos of their most beautiful moments with many more than ever before.

Here are some more new languages Photolemur has learnt: Portuguese, Korean, Turkish, Thai, Swedish, Russian, Norwegian, Dutch, and Danish!

Well, we’ve covered a lot so far! We are glad you’re still on this line, so, to finish up…

What’s Next?

The future is bright, because we are all motivated to do our best and make your experience with Photolemur as convenient and enjoyable as possible, and make you want to come to us for your enhancing needs. Many exciting secrets are already set out on our roadmap, and many of your wishes are in progress status. So stay tuned. Lots of wonders are being created with you in mind!

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