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Availability : October 19 - 24, 2019
Louisville, Colorado
Tour Details
Raptors: the hawks, owls, eagles and falcons. No other group of birds stirs the imagination, lifts our spirits, and symbolizes fierce and noble qualities more than these. This unparalleled photo shoot ranks at the top of the world’s best opportunities to photograph birds of prey under controlled conditions. Against a backdrop of Colorado’s 14,000-foot mountains, a wide variety of birds of prey are brought together from raptor facilities across the state to provide an exceptional chance to learn about and capture these marvelous wind-borne hunters with your camera.

Master falconers, nature educators and raptor rehabilitation experts—who collectively represent more than 100 years of experience working with raptors—provide the birds for our four exciting days of photography.

We expect to photograph 15 or more species during our shooting sessions. They may include the peregrine and prairie falcons, gyrfalcon, American kestrel, Harris’, ferruginous, red-tailed and Swainson’s hawks, northern goshawk, golden and bald eagles, plus great horned, long-eared, screech, burrowing, barred and barn owls, and/or others. Many of the birds are flown free and/or perched in aesthetically pleasing locations with beautiful, natural backgrounds. No cages are used. All of the birds are in excellent physical condition and should provide for extraordinary “bird in the landscape” images, as well as numerous exciting fast-action flight shots. A few permanently injured and non-releasable individuals offer outstanding close-up portraiture opportunities.

Several beautiful habitats are used for the photography: rolling prairie grassland, forested foothills and rocky cliffs under brilliant Colorado skies. October brings the rich fall color of cottonwoods, plus the warm golds and browns of prairie grasses. Traditional falconry techniques can be photographed during our shoots and—prey species available—a golden eagle eating a (road-killed) rabbit, squirrel or prairie dog. We witness events that take place every day in the wild but we are there to watch, learn and generate many spectacular photographic images.

There is, literally, no other wildlife models photo opportunity in the world that compares to this one!

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 (Oct 20)

We arrive in Louisville, Colorado, via the SuperShuttle from Denver International Airport. Shuttle transportation is not included in the trip fee. We meet in the motel lobby for introductions and dinner. (D)

Days 2–5

These four days are filled with exciting photographic opportunities in several diverse wildland habitats. Along with the photography, we receive firsthand information about the life histories of each these superlative hawks, eagles and owls. (BLD)

Day 6 (Oct 25)

The SuperShuttle service returns us to Denver International Airport. (B)


Perry Conway is a veteran leader of photographic workshops and tours. His photographs have appeared in a variety of publications, including National Wildlife, Audubon, National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer, Newsweek and Sierra Club calendars. Perry has photographed and edited multimedia educational programs including Rainforest Wildlife and Conservation, Prairie Dog Ecosystems, Learning to Live with Wildlife, Colorado’s Endangered Species and Colorado’s Watchable Wildlife. Perry was the grand prize winner in National Wildlife’s photo contest and took first place in the National Educational Film Festival for his multimedia show, “Eagles on the Wind.” With a background in both teaching and biology, he is well suited to interpret natural history as well as to help others capture these events with their cameras. Perry lives in Boulder, Colorado.